Today’s Royal Court Hotel Victoria, built between 1836-1840 and originally meant to be two hotels, was linked in 1888 to be the hotel “Victoria & Kaiserhof.”

From the beginning, the hotel housed illustrious guests, among those:

  • 1863 Their Royal Highnesses Franz-Josef and Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary
  • 1870 Her Royal Highness Great Duchess Marie of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
  • 1877 His Royal Highness Duke Ludwig in Bavaria
  • 1897 His Highness the Thakore  Saheb of Mori with Lord Gokal and Kurien from Kathiawar in India

Many interesting names and personalities were added as years went by.

1921, the guest rooms were “modernized” for the first time - most received washing stands with running water and some even bathrooms and connections to the “state telephone,” which secured a continued stream of high-profile guests. The rough-and-tumble of the German history, world depression, war, and the following reconstruction of Germany shaped the changes of hotel Victoria, its owners and operators switched several times, and closures were inevitable.

From 1981 on the hotel, modernized and expanded several times, was the spa and rehabilitation facility of the Workers Welfare Association, the state insurance institution, and later on the rehabilitation of the DAK.

And now, a new chapter of the history of the house has begun, one with significant investments leading to a new profile of a hotel with sophisticated hospitality and health services.

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