Wellness Offers

Body treatment

Natural carbonic brine bath
Bathe in healing natural water rich in minerals,
these will activate the body's own natural forces.
20 minutes - € 22.50

Hot or cold natural mud treatment for the joints (2 joints)
The natural healing agents contained in natural mud promote the circulation,
ease pain and prevent inflammation.
25 minutes - € 25.00

Calm natural mud treatment on a water bed
The mud is heated to 42° C and penetrates into the inside of the joints stimulating
the metabolism. These natural healing agents promote the circulation, reduce
pain and prevent inflammation.
30 minutes - € 37.50



Relax while you enjoy our exclusive wellness massage and let one of our experienced masseurs spoil you as they massage your back or give you a whole body massage.
Back 25 minutes - € 27.50
Whole Body 50 minutes - € 52.50

Aroma oil massage
Treat your skin and your senses to one of our popular aroma oil massages! Whether applied to your back or to your whole body, aroma oils can soothe or stimulate according to your own requirements.
Back 25 minutes - € 32.00
Whole Body 50 minutes - € 60.00

Cocoa or Orange butter massage

This extraordinary massage combines unique care with a seductive chocolate aroma. A composition made from coca and Sheabutter, jojoba oil, vitamin C and beeswax. 
Back 25 minutes - € 35.00
Whole Body 50 minutes - € 60.00

Herb pouches massage
Massage with filled herb pouches.
Face 25 minutes - € 42.00
Back 25 minutes - € 47.00
Whole Body 50 minutes - € 80.00

Hot stone massage
Our hot stone massage is a fascinating combination of massage and heat. The penetrating heat contributes to relaxing the whole body and helps to relieve muscle tensions. 
Back 25 minutes - € 42.00
Whole Body 50 minutes - € 70.00

Brush massage
Dry brush massage, circulation-enhancing.
Back 25 minutes - € 37.00

Facial Massage
Relax during a facial massage
25 minutes - € 27,50

Foot Massage
With footbath
25 minutes - € 27,50



Imperial cocoa butter bath
The abundance of cocoa butter combined with vanilla and jojoba oil makes this bath is a real sensory experience, especially for people with dry skin.
Includes a glass of champagne. 
25 minutes - € 32.00

Hay flower bath
Enjoy this trusted traditional luxurious bath full of natural active ingredients: Essential oils, trace elements and orthosilicic acid. It is especially useful in combating rheumatism, gout, arthritis as well as for muscle cramps and back complaints. The fragrant hay lower bath has a particularly beneficial effect on the skin.
Includes a glass of champagne.
25 minutes - € 32.00

Cleopatra bath
Luxorious bath with honey and milk.
25 minutes - € 32.00

Aroma bath
Choose one of the aromas: Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin

Romantic bath for two
Enjoy the moment and let yourself be seduced! This is a special bath for two people and includes a tasty surprise! Includes two glasses of champagne.
30 minutes - € 39.50

Full Body Treatments

Cleopatra pack
Luxuriate in the footsteps of Cleopatra and float lightly massaged with a warm mixture of cream, honey and oil and wrapped in foal on a heated water bed. This will make your sin more supple and give you a softer complexion.
20 minutes - € 31.00

Rügen chalk pack
This unique body pack heats the body thoroughly with a long-lasting effect. It soothes pains and improves the appearance of skin. The purity of the chalk means that you will suffer no allergic reactions or other side effects.
20 minutes - € 31.00

Salt mud pack
This purifying mud pack simulates the metabolism and brings skin back to life! After relaxing in our flotation bed your skin will feel completely different!
20 minutes - € 31.00


Body peels

Mediterranean olive oil body peel
A body peel with a specially nourishing effect: Ideal for dry skin.
20 minutes - € 27.00

Revitalising wellness body peel
Choose your own: We offer a large selection of high quality
aroma oils which really pamper your skin when mixed with sea salt.
20 minutes - € 27.00

Orange Coco peel
Refreshing and nurturing.
20 minutes - € 27.00

Full Body peel
50 minutes - € 52.00

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